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Operating Optimization
Revenue Assurance
Business Continuity
Working in the telecommunication field for decades, we know the constant demand to lower operating cost and to introduce new services fast.This pressure will increase during the next years, as prices for traditional services are dropping and there is strong competition for emerging services.

We don't need to sell you specific frameworks, and thus can fit solutions into your existing or planned landscape in the most efficient manner. To optimize your operations, our experts can analyze your business processes and operating expenditures, and come up with measures that are sure to reap fast RoI and gains.

In New Service Introduction, we can use automation prototyping to overcome poor integration due to frequent requirement changes. Based on the expected volume in the first 6-12 months and the uncertainties regarding integration into existing business processes, we will propose an introduction path that allows for a learning curve in the first months without compromising reliability or gradual automation.

Our advantage is that we know standard and non-standard interfaces in both OSS/BSS systems as well as network elements, so that we can integrate and later migrate legacy interfaces in the most efficient way. Ultimately, the well established high and medium volume processes shall all be integrated into the Enterprise Integration framework of your choice.









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