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Optimized Networks has been founded in 2007 as a company for Network Management and Backup&Restore experts who love to develop and integrate customer-oriented solutions. All the staff has in-depth experience in the field and has worked for Fortune100 companies for 5-25 years. It is our experience that the combination of domain experience and software skills reduces project efforts by a factor between 2 and 20, compared with companies that do not have an organization adapted to the size of the project and/or focus more on software techniques and developer salaries than on domain experience.
Software development does not scale linearly - when increasing the project team by a factor of 10, productivity per developer/tester decreases by at least a factor of 2, while times for error correction and change request implementation go up.
So, minimization of project effort means
lower price
faster implementation
higher quality
And this means less headache and more success for you as our customer. Go for a try, all our customers come back to us for new projects.

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